At the beginning of August, the band went into a secret studio location in Bournemouth to record some brand new material. A three-track ep is in the offing featuring the country inspired The Horse and The Wedding Dress, Paper and String (in the style of the Coasters) and the sing-a-long favourite, When am I going to make a living? The plan is to have it finished before the end of the year! Until then, here's a picture taken outside the see if you can guess where it is. Answer on a postcard to The Darwins, Pointless Picture Competition, PO Box 876543.

The Darwins have been busy rehearsing over the last few months, experimenting with saxophone, fiddle and keyboards and putting together some new songs...and now the summer is here and we have a host of gigs on the go. It would be great if you came along!

This month the band headed off to High Town Studios in Southampton to record some black and white videos. We hope they'll be available real soon...but for now here's a picture of the band warming up. Thanks to Jon, Ollie and Alex for making us welcome.

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