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The band played at a rally in support of the NHS on Saturday 15 October in Poole, and the event was covered by BBC South Today. We got on the tele at 1.54 minutes for 3 seconds! Sadly we weren't playing at the time!

The band are currently rehearsing (...stop laughing!) a batch of new songs with titles such as: What Chemicals are These?, Monuments, Anywhere's Better Than Here, Only Bread and Butter, Ship of Fools, Growing Up's For Amateurs, Mr Green Must Know and Big Ideas. Alongside these, there are also plans fro a live film/recording of the band playing the song Streets. More details to come, so keep 'em peeled!

In 1845, during his second voyage to the Galapagos Islands, Darwin discovered what he thought were 14 different breeds of bird. In fact, what he'd found were different species of the same bird - the Finch - and the collection of Darwin's Finches became an important discovery on the road to developing his theory of evolution. Never wanting to miss out on a useful connection, we have used Darwin's Finches to advertise one of our latest gigs.

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